VR Hire Disclaimer

All virtual reality hire services provided by The Virtual Space (Pty) Ltd are subject to this disclaimer. By making use of our services you agree to this disclaimer.

Kindly note that you use our virtual reality systems entirely at your own risk. The Virtual Space and its owners, employees and agents shall not accept any responsibility for any injury (including loss, damage or harm occasioned by the negligence of the company, its employees, mandataries, contractors or third parties; nothing at all excepted) or damage of any nature whatsoever, that you, or someone under your supervision, or a visitor or guest at your premises, or a visitor or guest at an event where you are represented, or any other individual making use of our virtual reality systems, or your property may suffer whilst using The Virtual Spaces’ virtual reality systems or while observing or spectating the use of our systems or as a consequence of using or observing or spectating the use of our systems, no matter how such injury or damage was caused.

Virtual Reality creates immersive experiences. Always remember that when in virtual reality, you are in a computer generated world and must be mindful of your real world surroundings.

All children under 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

If you are susceptible to any medical condition triggered by flickering, such as epilepsy, do not use virtual reality systems.

Virtual reality can cause nausea in susceptible individuals. If you start to feel nauseous, remove the headset.

The Virtual Space reserves the right to take any steps it may deem necessary to ensure the security and safety of its systems, its customers, its virtual reality users and its stock.