Goggles VR glasses for phones

Goggles VR – Virtual reality on Android and iPhone.

Experience VR games, virtual reality tours, 360° VR video, virtual big screen cinema, educational content and much more.

To see some of the apps available just search for “VR” or “cardboard” on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Also try these searches on YouTube or Vimeo.

For VR tours and user created content check out https://kuula.co/explore

These VR glasses have high quality acrylic glass lenses and trigger touchpads for interaction with VR apps. Clear English instructions are included

Goggles VR glasses are affordable so you can give one to each person for promotions or in the classroom.

Goggles VR custom branded

Manufactured right here in South Africa, custom branded Goggles VR glasses make an exciting and affordable gift for your customers.

VR offers lots of exciting experiences, VR tours, video, games, education and more. Check out Goggles VR Uses. Long lasting with full colour print branding, Goggles VR are a gift to remember, more at Custom Branded VR.

Virtual Reality is a powerful and exciting tool for education. Learners get a huge kick out of educational virtual reality and the experience stays with them, creating intense 3D location based memories. “Teach Africa with VR” is our moonshot to make a difference to the 1.3 billion people in Africa. Call Richard at 083 733 5133 to find out more about our educational VR initiatives.

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Custom VR System Builds

We build custom PC based or standalone VR systems to your requirements. We have built permanent installations of multi-user systems at Sun City, University of Johannesburg, 27 Boxes and Baxter Pharmaceuticals as well as temporary installations for many events as mentioned below.

If you are looking for a custom virtual reality system or laboratory built to specification please call Richard at 083 733 5133 to discuss your project.

Virtual Reality Services

We have provided virtual reality services at a multitude of corporates and educational institutions from 2016 till the present. Our VR arcade, The Virtual Space Imaginarium, was open from January to September 2017 in the 27 Boxes shopping centre in Johannesburg. The VR arcade taught us what gets you involved in a VR adventure.

Events we’ve done include two rAGE gaming expos, two GeekFests, the eFIFA world cup 2018, The Rand Show and EduTECH Africa 2019.