Brandable. Durable. Compatible. Affordable.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa by The Virtual Space

  • Solid durable construction
  • Google Cardboard compatible
  • Clear English instructions
  • Optional adjustable head strap
  • Quality controlled acrylic lenses
  • Touchpad trigger function
  • Easy to clean, hygienic
  • No assembly required
  • Many branding options
  • QR code viewer setup
  • Elegant simple design
  • Many apps available

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Things we do

VR Event Rental

HTC Vive high-end VR

Events and activations…

Branded Cardboard VR

Ver. 2 with A-Grade lenses

nose cushion and more…

Some things you can do with Goggles VR

Easily Make Virtual Tours

Google Tour Creator – like YouTube for VR

Create VR marketing content for events, advertising and education.

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Add your own panoramas
  • Add points of interest and photos to panoramas
  • Lets you use the whole StreetView collection
  • Works with VR headsets, phones and computers
  • Lightweight downloads, about 3 to 4MB per scene
  • Easy distribution of tours via a link or QR code
  • Runs in the browser, no app install needed
  • Works with off the shelf VR cameras
  • Check our tour of Sci-Bono Discovery Centre

Apps for Goggles VR

VR videosYouTube supports VR videos.

VR travel – Google StreetView

VR photographyCardboard Camera uses your phone camera to take VR photos.

VR field tripsGoogle Expeditions for VR in the classroom. See Educational VR for more info.

VR education – Space – Apollo 15 VR, Titans of Space – Biology – Human Body – Underwater – Australia in 360°, VR Abyss and many more.

VR games – Try Need For Jump or VR Pac-mac. Search for VR or Cardboard on your app store for more.

Goggles VR needs a smartphone with a gyro sensor to work.