Branded Cardboard VR Headsets

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Full Colour Print Branded Google Cardboard VR Headsets
Branded Cardboard VR Headsets

Full-colour print and sticker branded Cardboard VR headsets in South Africa customised for your brand with fast lead times.

Easy to clean and tough vinyl laminated high gloss finish. Read More…

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What can you do with your phone and Google Cardboard VR?

Here are Instructions for our Cardboard Virtual Reality units

Watch VR videos – VR 360° videos, VR 3D 360° videos and normal videos in a virtual cinema. The free YouTube app supports VR and there is a huge collection of VR video available. The wide availability of cameras for shooting this video has created a content explosion in the last two years.

If you want to use Google Cardboard VR for marketing, VR video is one of the easiest ways to create custom content.

Experience virtual reality tourism – the free Google StreetView app supports Google Cardboard. You can access the entire enormous collection of StreetView images in VR, go take a look at distant cities and exotic locations as if you were actually there!

You can even travel around in the city while in the Cardboard VR view. There are specialised collections of imagery available, for instance, Discover South Africa is a collection of hiking trails through all of South Africas National Parks.

Take virtual reality photographs with your phone camera – The free Cardboard Camera app uses your phone’s camera to take a panoramic image with a sound clip. It then does some software magic to create a stereoscopic ( 3D ) view for viewing with your Google Cardboard headset. These photos can be shared with other Google Cardboard users. If you want to create a set for use in a presentation, you can just manage the folder on your phone to contain only those images you want to use in your presentation. It’s the easiest way to create custom virtual reality content.

Use in the classroom for virtual reality field trips – The free Google Expeditions app is designed for use in the classroom. There are over 700 Expeditions available covering subjects as diverse as anatomy, museums, coral reefs, chocolate factories and many more. Take a look at our Educational VR page for more information.

Educational Experiences – There are space experiences (Apollo 15 VR, Titans of Space, A Time In Space), inside body experiences (Human Body (male)), Underwater experiences (Australia in 360°, VR Abyss: Sharks & Sea Worlds for Google Cardboard) and many more. Take a look at our VR Explorer Kit for use with Google Expeditions.

Play virtual reality games – The Apple App Store and Google Play both have huge numbers of virtual reality games for use with Google Cardboard. All you need to do is search for VR or Cardboard on either of these stores to get an enormous list.

Emulate expensive virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive – The VRidge software from Riftcat lets you convince your computer that your Google Cardboard headset is actually an HTC Vive. This lets you play Vive games from Steam. Be warned though, it’s not as good as an actual Vive but then, it costs a LOT less too 🙂

What are you waiting for, get your Cardboard VR now!

Cardboard VR needs a smartphone with a gyro sensor to work. All iPhones work.

To check if an Android phone will work with cardboard VR, install and run the app EZE VR from the Play Store. This app is for testing if the phone will work.