The Virtual Space…

…was founded at the beginning of 2015 to address the growing market for virtual reality products and services in South Africa. Read more about us here.

Goggles VR glasses

Buy logo branded Goggles VR glasses online here – Designed and manufactured in South Africa by The Virtual Space, Goggles VR virtual reality glasses are so affordable you can give one to each person at your activation or event. Goggles VR can be custom branded, ideal for marketing giveaways and education. They work with iPhone and Android phones.

You can enjoy virtual reality tours, 360° VR video, virtual big screen cinema, tour the world in VR, play virtual reality games and much more.

Educate Africa with VR

Virtual Reality is a powerful and exciting tool for education. Kids love educational VR and the experience stays with them, creating intense 3D location based memories. “Educate Africa with VR” is our transformative purpose to make a difference to the 1.4 billion people in Africa.

In pursuit of this goal, we promote our affordable Goggles VR headsets for educational use with Google Expeditions. Google Expeditions is free education software to provide teacher controlled VR in the classroom. Check out this page to learn more.

VR Schools

Classrooms in virtual reality. Developed in South Africa by The Virtual Space for our “Educate Africa with VR” project, VR Schools allows up to 15 students and a teacher to join the same 3D virtual classroom from anywhere over the Internet. Tools include a whiteboard, slide shows and audio. Students can join using VR, PC without VR or even a web browser. The teacher is the only one who needs a full VR system. More info.

Virtual Reality Services

We have provided virtual reality services at a multitude of corporates and educational institutions from 2016 till the present. Our VR arcade, The Virtual Space Imaginarium, was open from January to September 2017 in the 27 Boxes shopping centre in Johannesburg. With the arcade we learnt what gets you involved in a VR adventure.

Events we’ve done include two rAGE gaming expos, two GeekFests, the eFIFA world cup 2018, The Rand Show and EduTECH Africa 2019.

Our hire service for events has been suspended. If you are interested in using VR at an event then we suggest rather giving each person their own phone based headset with your branding on it to take home. These are lots of fun and last for ages.

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