The Virtual Space (Pty) Ltd
Terms and Conditions – last updated 2023/12/30


  • Payment is due on invoice unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  • Once you receive the product, it’s your responsibility to ensure its safe use.

Product Use and Risk:

  • You understand and accept the risks of using the product.
  • The Virtual Space is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse, negligence, or modifications.
  • You’re responsible for understanding product limitations and basic safety requirements.

Shipping and Costs:

  • The Virtual Space uses major carriers.
  • You’re responsible for all shipping costs, insurance, customs, and taxes unless stated otherwise.
  • Insurance is at your expense unless specified otherwise.
  • Shipment will only occur after full payment.

Changes to Specifications:

  • Changes to specifications after deposit and design agreement may result in adjusted prices and lead times.

Delivery and Specifications:

  • Shipping is by the cheapest surface transport unless alternatively arrangements have been agreed to in writing.
  • Due to the custom nature, variations in colour, materials, etc., may occur. The Virtual Space is not responsible for exact matches.
  • If exact requirements are needed, get written confirmation before ordering.
  • The Virtual Space cannot be held responsible for delays due to any factors. Late completion doesn’t invalidate the order.

Warranties and Claims:

  • Warranties vary for different products. Check with The Virtual Space for specific warranties.
  • Warranty claims are limited to product repair or replacement entirely at The Virtual Space’s discretion.
  • The Virtual Space provides no warranty against third-party claims about any products.

Intellectual Property:

  • Product drawings and designs are The Virtual Space’s intellectual property and may not be copied without permission.
  • All software source code remains at all times the sole property of R. McAdam, owner of The Virtual Space unless otherwise agreed in writing.


  • You’re responsible for providing correct artwork in the right format.
  • Additional charges may apply for unsuitable artwork.
  • The Virtual Space is not responsible for errors in your artwork.

Errors and Orders:

  • The Virtual Space is not responsible for typographical or clerical errors in quotations or orders.
  • The Virtual Space’s terms and conditions supersede all others.
  • All sales are final. Cancellations before invoice date are free, after that a 20% fee applies. Custom order cancellations require full payment.

Product Inspection and Returns:

  • You have 3 days after delivery to report any defects or omissions.
  • Rejected products must be returned within 10 business days at your expense and risk.
  • The Virtual Space may replace or repair rejected products at its discretion.
  • Returned products must be clean and undamaged.

Delivery Delays:

  • Delivery dates are estimates based on current production.
  • The Virtual Space is not liable for delays beyond its control.
  • Inspect packages for damage before accepting and signing. Report any damage to the shipper immediately.

Force Majeure:

  • The Virtual Space is not responsible for delays due to factors beyond its control, such as acts of God, war, or strikes.

Right to Refuse Orders:

  • The Virtual Space reserves the right to refuse orders and/or return deposit payments.

VR/AR Systems Use:

  • VR/AR system use is entirely at your own risk.
  • The Virtual Space is not responsible for any injuries or damage sustained during VR/AR system use or while spectating or observing such use.

Software and VR Experiences:

  • All VR/AR software and experiences remain the property of The Virtual Space owner, R. McAdam.
  • Sales of related software must be agreed upon in writing.
  • All software source code remains the property of The Virtual Space owner, R. McAdam, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Child Supervision:

  • Children under 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian while using VR/AR systems.

Security and Safety:

  • The Virtual Space reserves the right to take any necessary steps for system, customer, user, and stock security and safety.


    • By ordering, you agree to these terms and conditions.