Educational VR Goggles

Educational VR Goggles

  • Many educational VR apps
  • Custom branding – min order 30
  • For Android and iPhone
  • Solid construction
  • Clear English instructions
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Touchpad trigger system
  • QR code phone setup
  • Google Cardboard compatible
  • Made in South Africa

Engage – Excite – Inspire

Educational VR Apps

Apps listed are for Android – All tested December 2023

Expeditions Pro

Category: Educational VR

App link: ExpeditionsPro

Expeditions Pro is the successor to Google Expeditions. Multi user panoramic VR tours controlled by the teacher. Create your own tours.

CoSpaces Edu

Category: Educational VR

App link: CoSpaces Edu

A versatile platform suitable for all ages and subjects. Construct your own 3D worlds, animate them using code and explore them in virtual reality.

Titans of Space

Category: Educational VR

App link: Titans Of Space

A fly through of the solar system, out into the universe. This experience is designed to make you get an idea of the stupendous scale of objects in space.

Apollo 15 VR

Category: Educational VR

App link: Apollo 15

Fly in an Apollo rocket to the moon, land on the surface in the lander, set up and then drive around on the surface in a moon rover in VR.

Mozaik 3D

Category: Educational VR

App link: Mozaik 3D

VR education experiences such as the inner workings of the ear, Leonardo da Vincis’ art, the operation of the internal combustion engine and more.

Sites in VR

Category: Educational VR

App link: Sites in VR

A wide selection of high resolution panoramic tours of landmarks from around the world and out into space. Museums, castles, palaces, parks and more.

YouTube VR

Category: VR Video

App link: YouTube

Many 360° and 3D 360° VR videos are available. You can also watch standard YouTube videos in a virtual cinema for a big screen experience.

VR Theater

Category: VR Video

App link: VR Theater

Virtual reality theater app for watching your own 2D, 3D and 360° videos. Many different options and settings, virtual cinema, SBS 3D and 360°.

Panorama 360°

Category: VR Photography

App linkPanorama 360

Panorama 360 Camera lets you take panoramic photos. You can view these photos from the inside using VR glasses.

InMind VR

Category: VR Games

App link: InMind VR

Explore a human brain, aim with your VR glasses to pacify disordered neurons and cure the mind. Spectacular graphics.

Need for Jump

Category: VR Games

App link: Need For Jump

Arcade style game where you steer by pointing the VR glasses where you want to go. Physically jump to jump in the game.

Hardcode VR

Category: VR Games

App link: Hardcode VR

Third person VR shooter, needs a game controller as well as VR glasses. Multiplayer games are supported.

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VR for Education

Smartphone VR transforms dry textbooks into captivating experiences. Explore the Great Wall of China or travel through the human body with educational VR goggles and your phone.

VR brings abstract concepts to life, boosting engagement, knowledge retention, and spatial understanding. The VR goggles portability and affordability make this an accessible technology for a wide range of students.

Educational smartphone VR provides a powerful tool for educators, sparking curiosity and igniting a passion for learning.