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Educational Smartphone Apps for Goggles VR

Kids love virtual reality! Immersive experiences create powerful memories.

Lots of educational VR apps for smartphones are available. Here are some good ones.


App link: ExpeditionsPro

ExpeditionsProUse phone based virtual reality in the classroom to take students on virtual field trips.

Create your own tours from over 350,000 available panoramic images!

This app is a replacement for the original Google Expeditions.

The expeditions are collections of 360 degree panoramic images with notes and additional information for education. There is multi-user support that allows the teacher to manage the experience on a number of student headsets at the same time over a wifi connection. You can direct the attention of your students to points of interest in the tours.


Eon XR

App link: Eon XR

Eon XR is an Android app and an educational platform that allows users to create and explore virtual and augmented reality experiences. It is designed for classrooms and offers a wide range of tools for creating interactive 3D content and coding, as well as support for collaboration and sharing. The platform is built to help educators and students with immersive and interactive learning experiences. It works with Goggles VR.


Mozaik 3D

App link: Mozaik 3D

Mozaik Education is a comprehensive online and digital education supplier. They have a huge range of high quality education products, including a number of 3D and VR education apps. The Mozaik 3D app provides a portal into their product offerings, with 5 free content downloads a week as of this writing.

In addition, there are some dedicated 3D/VR apps supplied by Mozaik Education that provide great standalone VR experiences for use with Goggles VR glasses.


Click on the images below to see dedicated Mozaik VR apps.

Cospaces Edu

App link: Cospaces Edu

Cospaces Edu is an app for Android that allows users to create and explore virtual reality spaces for educational purposes. It offers a variety of tools for creating interactive scenes, including 3D modeling and coding, and supports collaboration and sharing.

Cospaces Edu app on Android works with Goggles VR, which means users can experience the virtual reality scenes they create or explore for an immersive learning experience.


Titans Of Space

App link: Titans Of Space

Explore the solar system and beyond in virtual reality with your Goggles VR glasses. See how mind bogglingly enormous planets and stars are. Titans Of Space is an interactive VR fly through of our solar system and out into the universe.

Many control options let you tailor the tour to your preferences. Text popups give additional information about what you’re seeing. Voice narration is available as a paid add on.

The makers of this software also made “Mars Is A Real Place” (App link: Mars Is A Real Place), a stereoscopic slideshow of photos of Mars set to music. This is an excellent and unique educational VR experience well worth the time.


Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

App link: Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

Experience landing on the moon in a lunar lander, then assemble your moon rover and drive around on the surface, all in VR. This app is a great way to start a discussion about the history of mans exploration of space, especially now with space exploration opening up faster than ever before.

The moon rover in this experience can be steered around the lunar surface so you can explore your surroundings. This app has no companion website.

Sites in VR

App link: Sites in VR

Sites in VR is a collection of virtual reality tours of landmarks and points of interest from around the world. The panoramas are excellent quality and high resolution. With Goggles VR glasses this app makes you feel like you’re really there!

Locations in this app include museums, inns, baths, mosques, castles, towers, nature and more. Countries covered include Turkey, Egypt, Macedonia, Holland, Belgium, Italy and others. There is a wealth of great content here to keep you engrossed for hours.


Why VR for education?

Ways VR is different…

  1. VR is immersive
  2. VR is intuitive

Immersive means that VR feels like a physical space where you are present.

  • Experiences in VR are something you do rather than something you watch.
  • Experiences in VR make use of spatial memory to make them memorable.

Intuitive means that the user can interact in simple ways with the virtual space. If the space is well designed, there is a very short learning curve.

  • Virtual reality is hands-on. High end VR systems give you hands in the virtual world, hands you can use to do things.

Affordable, Immersive, Intuitive. Easy to use for teachers and students.

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Goggles VR Features:

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