Virtual Reality Specialists

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The Virtual Space…

…was founded at the beginning of 2015 to address the growing market for virtual reality products and services in South Africa.

We are one of the leading VR hire companies in South Africa. We have provided VR experiences at a multitude of corporate and educational events from 2016 till the present. Our VR arcade, The Virtual Space Imaginarium, was open from January to September 2017 in the 27 Boxes shopping centre in Johannesburg. Events we’ve done include two rAGE gaming expos, the eFIFA world cup 2018, The Rand Show and EduTECH Africa 2019.

Goggles VR Headset Google Cardboard compatible

We manufacture Google Cardboard compatible injection moulded smartphone VR headsets in South Africa. Our Goggles VR headsets are ideal for marketing and education. They are compatible with the entire range of Google Cardboard VR apps. Applications include virtual reality tours with Google Expeditions, VR video with YouTube, virtual reality games from many different suppliers and many more. Goggles VR headsets work using any smartphone that has a gyro sensor.

“Educate Africa through VR” is the guiding principle of our education initiative. In pursuit of this goal, we promote our Goggles VR headsets for educational use with Google Expeditions. Google Expeditions is free VR education software that works with our Goggles VR headsets to provide teacher controlled VR in the classroom.