Goggles VR Uses

Goggles VR virtual reality glasses – marketing, education and fun

Goggles VR and your smartphone combine to make a powerful virtual reality headset.

These apps are for Android but many of them are also available on the Apple app store.

There are lots of things you can do with Goggles VR…


Branded Promotional Gift

Brand Goggles VR glasses with your logo as a promotional gift for your clients. Robust and durable, this gift ensures clients remember your brand. See Branded Goggles VR for more info.

Goggles VR custom branded

Create Branded VR Tours

Create custom branded content easily for your clients using Kuula. All you need is a 360 camera and you can create and upload custom tours for your clients.

Kuula runs in a web browser. All you do is give your users a link to open on their phone then tap on the VR Icon icon and go straight into your immersive VR experience. No app downloads, no installations.

Fun and Games

Need For Jump

App link: Need For Jump

Need For Jump is a great game for the kids. Steer yourself around an obstacle filled maze collecting gold coins. When you need to jump to get over an obstacle in the maze, physically jump!

The app detects that you have jumped and in the game, you leap over the wall, chasm or whatever obstacle is in your way.

This game is huge fun and usually gets everyone laughing :-D

Space Rustlers

App link: Space Rustlers

You’re a cow flying a biplane shooting down the UFOs that are coming to Earth to steal away your bovine brothers and sisters.

Gaze based control system let’s you precisely aim and guide your missiles to stop those dastardly aliens from achieving their nefarious goals.

Excellent graphics and dynamic interaction for loads of entertainment.

Romans From Mars VR

App link: Romans From Mars VR

VR Games

Endless waves of Roman invaders come from Mars, landing from UFOs.

Use hands free movement to launch arrows or use your elemental powers like Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning to take down enemies. Collect bonuses to increase your score. Upgrade your crossbow to increase your powers. Don’t let them take your castle!

VR Video

Within VR

App link: Within VR

VR videos you can stream or download to watch later.

High quality large selection of dedicated VR videos by creators and artists from around the world. Watch these videos with your Goggles VR glasses to enjoy a full immersive 360° and 3D VR experience.

These high definition high production value videos are a must see!

Website: with.in

VR Photography

Cardboard Camera

App link: Cardboard Camera

Cardboard CameraCardboard Camera is an amazing app built by Google that allows you to take 360° 3D VR photos with ambient sound with nothing more than your smartphone!

Google has backed away from VR so they have made this app quite hard to find but the link above takes you to a Play Store download as of this writing. The link below takes you to the Google Help on this app.

This is a really amazing piece of software, give it a try!

Website: Cardboard Camera Help

Play PC VR Games


App link: VRidge

This one is for the hackers and geeks out there. It’s quite a bit of effort to get working but it’s great fun if you don’t mind tinkering and experimenting. VRidge lets you connect your gaming PC to your phone and stream SteamVR content from the PC to your phone VR headset.

This won’t match the experience of a proper high end VR system but it will give you a taste of what such systems are capable of and you will learn a lot about how VR works in the process.

Website: riftcat.com


Kids love virtual reality! Immersive experiences create powerful memories.

Lots of educational VR apps are available. Here are some good ones.


App link: ExpeditionsPro

ExpeditionsProUse phone based virtual reality in the classroom to take students on virtual field trips.

This app picks up where the original Google Expeditions left off. It’s a much needed educational addition to the range of phone based VR apps on Android.

The expeditions are collections of 360 degree panoramic images with notes and additional information for education. The most important aspect is that there is multi-user support that allows the guide to manage the experience on a number of phones at the same time over a wifi connection. You can direct the attention of your students to points of interest in the panoramas.

Website: expeditionspro.com

Mozaik 3D

App link: Mozaik 3D

Mozaik Education is a comprehensive online and digital education supplier. They have a huge range of high quality education products, including a number of 3D and VR education apps. The Mozaik 3D app provides a portal into their product offerings, with 5 free content downloads a week as of this writing.

In addition, there are some dedicated 3D/VR apps supplied by Mozaik Education that provide great standalone VR experiences for use with Goggles VR glasses.

Website: mozaweb.com

Click on the images below to see dedicated Mozaik VR apps.

Titans Of Space

App link: Titans Of Space

Explore the solar system and beyond in virtual reality with your Goggles VR glasses. See how mind bogglingly enormous planets and stars are. Titans Of Space is an interactive VR fly through of our solar system and out into the universe.

Many control options let you tailor the tour to your preferences. Text popups give additional information about what you’re seeing. Voice narration is available as a paid add on.

The makers of this software also made “Mars Is A Real Place” (App link: Mars Is A Real Place), a stereoscopic slideshow of photos of Mars set to music. This is an excellent and unique educational VR experience well worth the time.

Website: titansofspacevr.com

Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

App link: Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

Experience landing on the moon in a lunar lander, then assemble your moon rover and drive around on the surface, all in VR. This app is a great way to start a discussion about the history of mans exploration of space, especially now with space exploration opening up faster than ever before.

The moon rover in this experience can be steered around the lunar surface so you can explore your surroundings. This app has no companion website.

Sites in VR

App link: Sites in VR

Sites in VR is a collection of virtual reality tours of landmarks and points of interest from around the world. The panoramas are excellent quality and high resolution. With Goggles VR glasses this app makes you feel like you’re really there!

Locations in this app include museums, inns, baths, mosques, castles, towers, nature and more. Countries covered include Turkey, Egypt, Macedonia, Holland, Belgium, Italy and others. There is a wealth of great content here to keep you engrossed for hours.

Website: sitesinvr.com

Search for “VR” in the app store to find more