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Educate Africa through VRVirtual Reality is unlike any other medium. It is immersive and intuitive.

Immersive means you feel that you are really present in the virtual world. Intuitive means you can grab, move and change things with your hands in a natural way.

VR reproduces scarce resources like museums, workshops, laboratories, machinery and lecture halls in software at low cost.

VR increases the reach of educators through telepresence and shared virtual spaces.

These four points mean that VR is changing education.

You can get started with educational VR at a very low cost. At the entry level, smartphone-based VR uses your phone in a simple, cheap headset to create a VR environment.

There is a free educational platform with a large content library available for smartphone VR, called Google Expeditions. It is possible to create your own Expeditions content for use in the classroom or lecture hall.

Google Expeditions lets the teacher control the VR experience of the students from a smartphone or tablet.

There are over 1,000 professionally made Google VR Expeditions already available covering subjects as diverse as chemistry, anatomy, careers, engineering, museums, maths and history.

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