Branded Goggles VR Headsets

Goggles VR Headset Features

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Branded Goggles VR Headsets

Branded Goggles VR Headsets are ideal novel corporate gifts. Really tough and durable with bright full colour print, your brand will be visible for years to come. Above all, a Goggles VR Headset is not just a gift, it’s an exciting experience.

We proudly design and manufacture Goggles VR Headsets in South Africa. We use only top quality components and materials in these 100% Google Cardboard compatible smartphone virtual reality headsets.

For branding, VR games and in the classroom Goggles VR Headsets are ideal. Use the touchpad trigger system for Google Cardboard apps. Configure your phone for a comfortable and fun virtual reality experience with the accurate QR code viewer setup. Clear English instructions help you to get started on your VR journey.

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